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INPUTsys Exe Packer (short: IEP) creates executables with a Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE) and additional files embedded.


23.07.2010 Release 1.4
- Creates smaller .exe by deleting classes.jsa ("JRE Unneeded Files")
- Creates smaller .exe by rezipping the JRE .jar file content ("JRE Embedding")


- True one click Windows(TM) executables
- Usable in Windows(TM), Linux and MacOS X (TM) (for Linux and MacOS X, makensis executable must be in the path)
- Use and deploy your favorite Java Runtime Environment (eg. Sun(TM) JRE)
- No installation needed (content will be extracted to a temporary directory)
- File size is minimum 8MB (Sun JRE 1.4.2 with most unneeded files removed, in compliance with the JRE readme.txt file)
- No ahead of time (AOT) compilation, Hotspot compiler is used
- Other files can be embedded, too. There is a java system property which points to the extracted dir, so you can also use these files in your java application
- Configure and test it with the GUI mode, later use the command line (with the project file as a parameter) to use it without GUI
- May improve start performance (eg. start from CD/DVD)
- JRE modularization efforts will make the resulting executable smaller in the future


- Does not improve security (you may want to obfuscate your code, or wrap the jar in another exe)
- Extracting may take some time


Windows: inputsysexepacker.exe
Linux/MacOs X: inputsysexepacker.jar


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INPUTsys Exe Packer costs € 150,- (excluding vat) per developer. There are no runtime fees or additional costs.
Please contact INPUTsys at: for order information


Usage: inputsysexepacker_version.exe [.iep config file 1] [.iep config file 2] ...
If the program is called without a config file, the GUI version will be started. If a config file is set, the application will build the executable silently.

Every settings page is documented in the text field at the bottom. Go through all pages from "JRE Embedding" to "Execution" and fill in the fields. After that you can create the executable by clicking "Create executable".

Settings can be loaded and saved from/to a config file (extension .iep) by using the buttons "Load settings" and "Save settings".

To access additional files, use the Java system property "iep.dir" which points to the extracted directory.


INPUTsys Exe Packer uses Nullsoft Scriptable Install System ( ).
All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.